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WOOD, carefully selected and top quality

WOOD, carefully selected and top quality
Wood is Nature.

is Warmth.


Wood is one of the most precious and elegant materials thanks to its natural warmth and its steady change: the grains are worth mentioning because the wood breathes and enhances its quality as time goes by.

  • The wood we use is carefully selected and is of top quality. The selected wood is naturally air dried before being sculpted. We use woods like pine wood and lime wood as soft woods and oak, walnut, chestnut and mahogany as hard woods.

BRONZE, the solemn material

BRONZE, the solemn material
Bronze is solemn.

Bronze is majestic.

Bronze ist forever.

Bronze is a beautiful and solemn material, majestic and without motion. Bronze is sensitive to light so that it creates space with the game of the reflection. Bronze is appreciated, because many types of bronze alloys have the characteristic to expand before solidifying, filling every minimal empty space of the mould. This allows to recognize every single detail of the artist’s work.

  • Bronze is used to designate alloys of copper with zinc, pewter and sometimes other smaller components.