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Great protector of the family, St. Gerard, we ask your prayers ...
Saturday, the 23.10.2021

Collection Mount Olives

This Stations of the Cross Set comprehends 14 or 15 Stations with one or two busts per panel, in all 21 busts, carved in low relief, with simple frames, which can be provided with title.


Available in: 

10" x 11"  * 

16" x 20"  ** 

18" x 23"  * 

24" x 30"  *

Any other size*



Natural waxed,

Stained wood,

Brown two colors,

Light colors or

Strong colors... style with the
existing furnishing.


All our works are carved in Ortisei - St.Ulrich, Gardena Valley.

These sizes are carved exclusively by hand from the first moment on.

** The size 16" x 20" is first prepared on the pantograph and then carved by hand in every detail.

Every Station is painted entirely by hand. For the decoration we use exclusively real gold leaf 23 ct.